Do not chase people. Be you and do your own thing and work hard. The right people who belong in your life will come to you, and stay.
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My daily learning… words

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This photo fascinates me because it expresses a dynamic that you don’t often see between men and women, with a man taking on the adoring role and the woman drinking it all in.

I will always reblog this because all I want in my life is to have a husband with whom I can share my life like this.

Always reblog. Beautiful.

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Throwback - Celebrities Recreate Iconic Covers for Ebony Magazine’s 65th Anniversary (2010)

To celebrate its 65th anniversary issue and icons of the past and present, EBONY magazine asked their favorite entertainers to pose in modern-day recreations of those covers for a one-of-a-kind look back at the past.

Featuring: Regina King (as Eartha Kitt), Mary J. Blige (as Diana Ross), Nia Long (as Dorothy Dandridge), John Legend (as Duke Ellington), Lamman Rucker (as Richard Roundtree), Taraji P. Henson (as Diahann Carroll), Blair Underwood (as Sidney Poitier), Jurnee Smollett (as Lena Horne), Usher Raymond (as Sammy Davis, Jr.), and Samuel L. Jackson (as Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.), among others.

Love this!

These recreations are awesome…


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Jill Scott performs at the 2014 BET Experience At L.A. LIVE at Staples Center on June 27, 2014

damnit jill!!

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I am not superwoman. My mother is not superwoman. My mother’s mother is not superwoman. I am, we are, soft. Can shatter. Crumble in your hands. Our survival does not mean we prosper. We are like other women but unlike them. So do not tell us we can handle anything. We only seem like superwoman, a figment of your imagination, because you have forced our lives to be perpetual labor with only seconds of relief. If we carry the world on our shoulders and the children on our backs, what are we but your glorified mules slapped with guilt praises of perseverance and strength. Our bones and our blood and our sweat have built the wealth of nations. Our burial should not be the first time we rest.
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Amanda shares: Last week while in the grocery store, our 5 yr old daughter Macy, home from Ethiopia almost three years, grabbed the latest issue of “O” magazine off the rack and yells, “MOMMA, LOOK! THIS LADY HAS BIG HAIR JUST LIKE ME!”. Made me (and everyone else in line) giggle. Love that my girl is proud of her big, free hair!


Representation in the media matters!!!


what a sweet moment.

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Don’t mock people for the things that make them happy.
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Some Black Folks in Films:: 1995-1997

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Milton Freeman (fresh out of London) 'Golder than thou'.

Check out recent graduate Mook Attakawong's designs, styled by Elizabeth Kité. Gold hands are the handiwork of Lianne Claire (MUA). Katerina and Byron from Lotus Tea Studio were so hospitable; they even gave us an introduction to traditional Japanese tea culture (spiking optional) throughout our shoot.

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In a relationship she wants three things.

My motherfucking song

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